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Our fruits products

Our products are diversified in three seasonal phases, the first phase will start in the month of May (summer phase), with the following products: cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarine and plums; the second stage (stage autumn), begins in September with: Goji Berry, aronia melanocarpa, golden apples, fuji apples; the third and final phase begins in November (during the winter), with apple and kiwi which lasts until April.

Marketed products

In addition to stone fruit, produce and sell fruit and berry details (Goji Berry, Chokeberry etc., product MY FARM), fresh and in jam and juice. All of these products are also offered to companies and laboratories specialized in the production of cakes,  ice cream etc., then in bakeries, ice cream parlors, bakeries who want to distinguish their products for the high quality and wholesomeness of ingredients.

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