“……. No personal benefit is stronger that the common good…..” With this thought the farm Pistolesi lays the foundation for a productive project that involves respect for the consumer, the respect for the nature that surrounds  us, and a judicious use of all the resources that the earth has given us.

Recreate the natural symbiosis between farmers and nature has allowed our company to offer a healthy and genuine, all the while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit, that is a Organic Product.

About us: Founded in 1973, the company is placed in the landscape of small farms in the Marche. The reduced surface area of our company (1,5 Ha) allows you to track every stage of production, picking each fruit at the right stage of ripeness. In the later stages (packaging and sale), we use all possible precautions to avoid useless waste of energy and material. Since 2018, after 3 years of converting, our farm has received certification for the production of organic fruit.

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